Prof. Maciej Chorowski

born: 2 May 1958
married, three children

Academic Qualifications:

Habilitation, Wroclaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering (Poland)
PhD, Wroclaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering and Fluid Mechanics (Poland)
MSc, Wroclaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering (Poland)

Professional Carrier:

2016 – 2019:
The National Centre for Research and Development, Director
2020 – currently:
Department of Cryogenic and Aeronautical Engineering, Head of Department, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
2012 – 31.12.2019:
Department of Cryogenic, Aeronautical and Process Engineering, Head of Department; Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
2005 – 2012:
Wroclaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Dean of the Faculty
1998 – 2012:
Wroclaw Technology Park, President of Board
1998 – 2005:
Assistant Professor, Wroclaw University of Technology
1996 – 1998:
European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, Scientific Associate, responsibility: R&D of cryogenic system of Large Hadron Collider thermo-hydraulics of S.C. magnets quenches, He II heat transfer
1990 – 1996:
Wroclaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Assistant Professor
1982 – 1990:
Wroclaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering and Fluid Mechanics, research in refrigeration, cryogenics and power generation
1983 – 1984:
Cryogenic Equipment Plant KRIOPAN, Institute of Low Temperature and Structural Research, Polish Academy of Science, researcher

Other functions (selected):

  • National Development Council by the President of the Republic of Poland, Science and Innovation Section 2015 – currently
  • National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Supervisory Board, 2020 – currently
  • Institute of Molecular Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Scientific Council, 2019 – currently
  • FORUM OKRĘTOWE, Chairman of Working Team for Research, Innovation and Development, 2020 – currently
  • Wroclaw Technology Park, President of Board (2002 – 2012); initiator of Park structure, direct supervision on investments in research infrastructure valued at 200 mln PLN
  • CERN, Geneva: Finance Committee member (since 2002) and Industrial Liaison Officer, member of technology transfer panel HEPTECH; initiator of technology transfer of GEM gas detector for Polish industry
  • Proxy of Minister of Science and Higher Education for research infrastructure in CERN, 2007
  • Fusion for Energy (F4E-ITER), Barcelona, Executive Committee member (2012 – 2015)
  • Fusion for Energy (F4E-ITER), Barcelona, Procurement Contract Committee member (2015 – 2018)
  • President of A2 Commission of International Institute of Refrigeration , Paris (2012 – currently )
  • Vice-President of International Cryogenic Engineering Committee Zurich, 2008 – currently
  • Energetyka sp. z o.o. – Secretary of Supervisory Board 2008 – 2011
  • New Energy Transfer SA – Supervisory Board Member 2015 – 2016
  • MPWiK, Wroclaw – Member of Scientific Committee (2014 – 2016)
  • OBRUM sp. z o.o. – Member of Scientific Committee (2013 – 2015)
  • Institute of Automation of Power Systems IASE, Member of Scientific Committee (2011 – 2016)
  • Polish Olympic Committee, Member of Section Learning and Innovations, 2016 – 2017
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Member of Interdisciplinary Team to Strategic Researches Programmes and Developmental Works 2007 – 2009

Short-term study internships (to two mounts): MMR Inc (Mountain View, USA), Stanford University (USA), National University of Singapore, Leeds University (Great Britain), Inter University Accelerator Centre (New Delhi)

Scientific and research work: main issues and international cooperation:
Cryogenics – Joule-Thomson micro-liquefiers, gas mixtures in cryogenic installations, risk analysis of cryogenic systems, heat transfer in helium II, thermodynamic optimization of mechanical systems; Liquid Natural Gas technologies and applications, cryogenics systems in large science accelerators (LHC, XFEL, FAIR, ITER, ESS FERMILAB).
Initiator and coordinator of Polish in-kind contribution in the field of cryogenics to:

  • Free Electron Laser XFEL in Hamburg, Germany
  • FAIR Accelerators in Darmstadt, Germany
  • Spallation Source ESS w Lund, Sweden

with total value of 25 million EUR. Wroclaw University of Science and Technology is conducting research on the above mentioned cryogenic systems, designs these systems and implement into production.

Applied Superconductivity – thermo-hydraulics of resistive transition of superconducting magnets, thermo-hydraulics of ITER type magnets, risk analysis of accelerator and tokamak cryogenic systems;
Cooperation with CERN (Switzerland), ITER IO (France), SLAC (USA) in the scope of optimization of cryostating systems for magnets and superconducting devices.

Energy – cogeneration and trigeneration, distributed energy systems, clean coal technologies, the use of liquefied gasses in energetic technologies – liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied oxygen in oxy-combustion, thermonuclear energy.
Cooperation with Energy Concern (incl. EDF, PGE, Energetyka)

Project Manager or main contractor in 40 research project funded by CERN, ITER, FZ Karlsruhe, DESY, INOX, FERMILAB, UE (European Commission), KBN, NCN, MNiSW, NCBiR, and private industry sector (incl. EDF, REMONTOWA SA, KGHM) with total value 200 million PLN (2002 – 2019)

Author and co-author of 280 works including 84 articles in the field of cryogenics, refrigeration and power generation,
Supervisor of 13 doctorate successfully completed.

Reviews of doctorates in: University of Singapore (3), India (4),
Articles reviews in numerous foreign journals.